Gold Key

When attending an event, it is strongly recommended to make a minimal attempt at dressing the part of a pre-17th Century person. This can be a daunting task for new people who don’t have anything close to “period garb” – except for that pirate costume from last Halloween! The Gold Key is a collection of garments, accessories and feast ware that belong to the Office of the Chatelaine and is managed by others who help the Chatelaine – these others are called Gold Keys. Due to the nature of our barony, Gold Key management is island specific.

Gold Key of each Island

  • Big Island of Hawaii:
  • Maui County (including Lanai):
  • Oahu: Baroness Maria de Ysla
  • Kauai:

Do note that no one is responsible for making or providing permanent garb for newcomers – except the newcomers themselves! The Gold Key is a service to help people while they figure out what they want to do, what cultural period they wish to pursue, and to help facilitate the aura of the period for all involved. The Gold Key may collect fabrics, items and materials to expand the collection, but is under no obligation to make something specific for a person. The Gold Key may have information to help new people find a tailor, seamstress, or even make their own kits.

So what does the Gold Key have?
Historically, the Gold Key only had very minimalistic garb – mostly just a tartan or two with a few leather belts. Recently, the collections have been growing. Contact the appropriate Gold Key Manager for specifics.

What exactly is “period garb”?

Garb is the word we use for clothing that is appropriate to the SCA’s Known Worlde. This can range from Early Greek to Late Tudor, Medieval Viking to Renaissance Italian.

So can I get garb and stuff from the Gold Key?

It is strongly suggested that you contact the Gold Key of your island well in advance of an event you are attending. There can be no guarantees that the Gold Key has exactly what you want, but the only way to know is to ask. Armor and weaponry is a bit more involved, but can be arranged as some fighters do maintain extra kits.

What else do I need to know?

Not every garment will fit every person. When you are requesting something specific, the following information is needed:

  • Chest Measurement
  • Waist Measurement
  • Hip Measurement
  • Height (nape of neck to floor)
  • Cultural reference (Greek, Roman, Irish, English, Scot, Viking, etc.)

The Gold Key you contacted will do what is best to suit you. At minimum, you could get a tunic and belt appropriate to the event.

So can I keep the stuff I get?

Sadly, no. The Gold Key is meant to help newcomers and people still figuring out their kits – it is not a store or thrift shop. Every bit within the Gold Key has been donated for this purpose – to loan out. When you make a Gold Key Loan, the garb and items reserved for you will be presented when you register for the event. It is expected that you return everything at the end of the event. If you wish to commission something to be made, ask the Gold Key for information.