Canton of Castle North


Arms of Castle North



Castle North encompasses the entire Windward (eastern) side of Oʻahu from Makapuʻu to Pupukea* and all locales between. Separated from the rest of the island by the Koʻolau Mountains which include two very ancient volcanos: Koʻolau Loa the northern section of the range and Koʻolau Poko the southern section. This canton is home to the only barrier reef in the state which protects Kaneʻohe Bay, where mullet and milkfish were once fattened for feasts.

* It should be noted that members who live in Pupukea area sometimes call themselves members of Bard’s Keep. In the geopolitical way of the Cantons, this area is somewhat contested. Other contest areas include Fort Shafter (betwixt Bard’s Keep and Torvald), Kalihi Valley (betwixt Bard’s Keep, Torvald, and Castle North), and Nuuanu Valley (betwixt Torvald and Castle North).

** Should also be noted that Castle North is full of hoodlums and rabble rousers.



Sir Marco Valerio di Bartolomeo



Members of Castle North tend to visit the other cantons on Oʻahu for fighter practice, and are host to the annual Castle North Grand Prize Tourney.