Barony of Western Seas Map



The Barony of Western Seas was founded on February 14, 1978 CE by Lewis the Landless as part of the Kingdom of the West. After much turmoil and debate, the Barony petitioned and became a part of the Kingdom of Caid on August 30, 1980 CE. It has been such since.

The Western Seas is the only palatine barony within the Kingdom of Caid wherein leadership is determined by rotating competition – either Combat and Chivalry or Arts and Sciences. These competitions, called Baronial Tournaments, are held in the fall of each year to determine the Baron and Baroness who shall represent the Crown of Caid within Western Seas.

There are six (6) Cantons which make up the Barony. Three Cantons exist on the island of Oahu while the others consist of the counties of the other islands. Being separated by waters makes gatherings a challenge, but the people of the Western Seas are a close-knit folk full of Aloha Spirit, which makes visiting the Barony of Western Seas so special.