What is the Baronage?

According to the SCA rules, the Baron and Baroness are the ceremonial representatives of the Crown of the Kingdom of Caid for a territory identified as a Barony. As such, they are invested with the leadership authority passed to them by the Caidan Crown for the local management and operation of the Barony of Western Seas.

Becoming a Baron or Baroness

The Crown of the Kingdom of Caid, as in all SCA Kingdoms, is responsible for selecting a Baron and Baroness for each of its baronial territories including the Barony of Western Seas.

At its establishment as a Barony, the populace of Western Seas asked that they be able to select their Baron and Baroness through a competitive process. That request was approved in Kingdom Law and because the barony was unique in the process by which the Baron and Baroness would be selected, the barony was referenced as a Palatine barony in Kingdom Law.

Note that this does not remove the responsibility the Crown has for finding a suitable Baron and Baroness for the Barony, hence the need for contestants to submit Letters of Intent to satisfy the resume requirement in Kingdom Law. Further, all Barons/Baronesses must abide by the Barony of Western Seas Traditions.

Please read over the Baronial Coronet Tournament section to ensure your ability.

Submitting your name for Consideration

Before being the Baron and Baroness, you are first a Competitor and Consort.

The Competitor is the person stepping forward to compete in the Baronial Tournament. This is the person who will either fight in the Combat Tournament, or submit projects for judging in the Arts & Sciences Tournament.

The Consort is not only there for support, but will be the Competitor’s partner in most Baronial dealings during their term.

Both the Competitor and the Consort must abide by certain obligations and requirements to enter for their chance to be Baron and Baroness.

Each of these steps must be followed prior to the Baronial Event.

  1. Competitor and Consort must be members in good standing of the Society (paid memberships) and keep such during their reign should they be awarded the Baronial Coronets.
  2. A Letter of Intent is to be submitted (see form below) which will express your desire to be Baron/Baroness.
  3. All information in this Letter of Intent needs to be provided at one time. Competitor and Consort information must be together to be a complete Letter of Intent.
  4. Both the Competitor and Consort must contribute to this submission.
  5. An email or letter can be submitted if preferred. Contact the Baronial Seneschal for information.
  6. Prepare for the competition! If it is a Combat Baronial, make sure your gear is up to par. If it is an Arts & Sciences Baronial, make sure you follow the guidelines.
  7. Have fun!

Complete your Letter of Intent HERE


Determining the next Baron and Baroness

The determination of who will be the next Baron/Baroness is by the winning of the Baronial Tournaments. These tournaments are currently held once a year, generally from August to November. The tournaments alternate between Chivalrous Combat and mastery of the Arts & Sciences. The winner of the coronet crowns his or her consort to share a full year reign.

Combat & Chivalry Baronial

This is where the Competitor will be matched with others in the field of combat. Valor, chivalry, prowess, and honor are all on display during the Combat Baronial. It is one of the most highly attended events of Western Seas.

Arts & Sciences Baronial

Mastering skills in the arts and sciences of the past is the other type of Baronial Tournament of the Western Seas. Competitors submit projects  they have researched, studied, and created Рor they may perform theatrical acts! It is this balance that helps the people of the Western Seas thrive.

Baronial Lineage

Retaining the line of past Barons & Baronesses is critical to recording the history of the reign of Western Seas. This information will be recorded so that future members of the Barony can discover their History. The custodianship of this information is under the office of the Baronial Webwright. You will find the Baronial Lineage within the Library section of this site.