Awards are bestowed upon people when their deeds, actions, and participation merit recognition. Be it for exemplary works of might or exquisite artistic talent, the Barony as well as the Kingdom and the overall Society gives awards to individuals and groups. Below are awards one might earn while being part of the populace of Western Seas Barony. Included are awards given in the past of which many still proudly wear.


Non-armigerous Baronial award
Established by Baroness Genevieve la Minstrelle and Baron Richard of Castle North during their reign in the year 2014, CE. This award is bestowed upon those who have inspired others to contribute their skills and efforts to the Barony by the reigning Baron or Baroness. Click here for the official charter of this award.


Miscellaneous Baronial honor
A designation given by the reigning Baroness. The Guard’s purpose is to protect the Baroness, the Barony and to uphold chivalry within the Barony. This award is granted to unbelted fighters and archers who display qualities of courtesy, chivalry, and martial prowess upon the field. The award is a garter, green for fighters, gold for archers, black for fencers. It is then emblazoned with the device of the Barony and Baroness who gave the award. Click here for the official charter of this award.


Armigerous Baronial Order
A gift from the current Baron or Baroness to the past Baron and Baroness who won the coronet by contest, be it arms or arts, provided they did serve their full term.


Non-armigerous Baronial award


Non-armigerous Baronial award


Non-armigerous Baronial award
Given by the reigning Baron or Baroness to recognize those persons with exemplary skill of Arts and Sciences.


Non-armigerous Baronial award
Given by the reigning Baron or Baroness to a person who has enriched the Barony through their work, dedication, performance and/or service. In short, recipients are those who excel in helping to run the Barony. It takes many oars to move this Barony, thus one may spy many bearing the medallion. Without these people, there would be no Barony of Western Seas.



Status: Historic, no longer awarded
Pieces of Duke Adrian’s sword, which he used to win the throne a second time, were donated to the Barony to become the Baronial Award for the most ferocious fighter. Given at every Baronial tourney with the last winner choosing the next.


Status: Historic, no longer awarded
Created when the Barony was part of the West Kingdom to acknowledge a fighter who excels at the glorious art of dying. The item actually was a badly beaten helm that was “marked” in some way or another by the last fighter to receive it before passing it on to the fighter chosen to have displayed a “most glorious version of death” upon the field.


B.E.A.R. (Closed)
Status: Historic, no longer awarded
The Baronial Excellence in Archery Rounds is a medal given to the winner of the Baronial Archery Competition which was held twice a year.


Status: Historic, no longer awarded
A scroll bestowed upon the fighter displaying undying determination, selfless masochism, distinct under-abundance of common sense and an over-abundance of foolhardiness for participating in every fighting demonstration during The Olde Worlde Faire which commonly ran for three weekends in a row.


LE HA!! (Closed)
Status: Historic, no longer awarded
Given to the winner of the Baronial Fencing tourney. After passing on the award, the last winner receives a sable feather to do with as they please.


Status: Historic and Retired, no longer awarded
A scroll that could be given at any time. It is extremely rare due to the fashion by which to have it bestowed upon a personage – this award is granted to those who have sustained an injury during battle which requires immediate hospitalization and the cessation of all combat activities at that time. This is not an award one strives for, hence its retirement.